I can do this. I will keep telling this to myself until my deadline is about to finish—until the last few seconds of the last few minutes of the last hour of the last day of my deadline.


I know it is not easy. It never had to be but it is not impossible too. It never was. I am determined to achieve my goal—despite lack of energy or loss of muse.

Everything is alright. My goal is within my reach—if not the ultimate goal, then the immediate one but there is a possibility to achieve something out of everything instead of nothing. I know I can do this.

I have accomplished tasks and achieved goals before this and that too within time. The workload always seemed impossible to achieve—to others. I achieved it because I kept working despite others’ opinions. They were much rather shocked when they saw me submitting my work or project when they had prepared themselves to mock at my confidence or console me for my failure. Then, I used to doubt myself yet I achieved my goals. Now, I vest my confidence in myself. How can I not achieve them now?

I know I need my determination more than a muse or my hard work to touch the finishing line and I decide now to stay determined till the deadline occurs. I didn’t give up then. I won’t give up now.

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