It is too cold outside.

The breeze is blowing.

Nevertheless, I can hear voices

of people working and shouting, 

I can discern the noise of vehicles.

I can hear the hooting of the train

from the distance.

Maybe, the sound has traveled

through from the nearby railway station. 

I identify the sound of a cycle’s chain

yet, what I can sense

is that there is silence.

There is no movement

even in the trees’ leaves or branches.

I am inside my house

but I can make out

the scenes of the occurrences

that are happening out there

and I imagine them in my head.

I have reconsidered repeatedly 

but have declined the thought completely

about going out under the sky

because today’s weather is chilly.

It is neither bright nor dark.

I am hearing a bird twitter rapidly

in its melodious voice,

adding to the natural beauty.

Maybe, it is a lark.

The cold weather of the winter

is slow in its speed

and abundant in time

or maybe,

it differs in my perception.


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