I always give myself one last chance before finally giving up on life and choosing death. I did the same last year when I was in a wreck since 2 years of my life and everything was falling apart. When I was completely shattered, I sat and pondered over the whys, as I always do. I analyzed my life uptil then and took a decision with no energy left in me. 


I observed that I had been giving love to people who did not even deserve it in the first place. I had even treated the bullies with humanity and respect when I should have knocked their heads off. I decided not to curse myself for my mistakes and look forward to my last chance that I was giving to myself because I was seriously considering killing myself. 

I decided to give all the positive in me that I distributed with other people to direct it towards myself, to change its flow. At first, I thought I was being selfish but then my ego affirmed of the idea. What harm will it do to try to love and respect myself? If this last chance does not work out, at least I will die with the peace of giving myself a chance. At least, I will have no regrets seconds before my death. Also, if I die, I will have to leave Music and my ambitions related to it forever.

So, with a lot of research and difficulty in keeping faith in myself, with a lot of struggle to shift my negative mindset about myself and life to positive, sometimes with reward and sometimes by being strict, I started on my journey of my last chance.

I started my journey of self-love, learnt the differences between the various aspects of the human personality and learnt how to maintain the boundary between the negative and the positive. This step, rather steps, worked wonders for me.

I found myself. Though I am still doing that while working on and with who I found. I never felt so complete ever before in my life. I am glad that I gave myself this one last chance. I think everyone should give themselves one last chance before giving up on themselves or on life finally.

One Last Chance

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