You see, as I move by every second, the remaining time keeps reducing. We have to accomplish all our tasks in the best possible manner before it reaches 0.


I will count from eleven. Your time starts now. Within this time, you will have to decide to act on your goal of good intention, lay out a plan for it, work on it, reject it, then plan again and the cycle will keep moving until you reach your goal(s).

Eleven. You have reached your goal. Celebrate your success.

Ten. Take a break. Relax when you feel worn out.

Nine. If you could do the first step efficiently, move forward and follow other steps.

Eight. Carry out the first step. Keep trying until you do it efficiently.

Seven. Inhale confidence. Exhale doubts.

Six. Tell yourself, “This is important but not more than me. I will try my best but if I am unable to do it, I will take it as an opportunity and not as a failure.”

Five. Take out a second for yourself and speak, “I am doing this in the best way possible.”

Four. Collect the necessities to carry out the plan successfully.

Three. Move.

Two. Decide to do it.

One. Make sure that what you are doing is morally right and does not harm you or anyone else.

All the best and congratulations to all of us. We will accomplish our goals when and how we want to.








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