Everything is in control. 
You still have time in your hands.
You can still achieve it all.
You can still take your stance. 


You can protect your energy
or delve deeper into your creativity. 
You can work for what you want to be thine.
You can attain your goals because you still have time.

Don’t fret.
Don’t lose out on patience.
Believe and work with dedication
and receive what you want.

Be easy on yourself.
Remember, Warren Buffet says
“You are your biggest asset.”
In my opinion, also your biggest investment.
Try to stay calm and positive.

Don’t let anything or anyone
define you or your work.
Don’t let them affect
your mental status.

Don’t wait.
Work but rest to rejuvenate.
Don’t be afraid.
What you desire, you will get.

In Control

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