Be selfish in your feelings to do good. I do good to others because I feel good about myself by that. I stay away from the possibility of imposing guilt on myself by doing that. Also, I get a sense that I have adhered to my responsibility as a person.


You will do more good to others once you feel good about yourself after doing good to someone else. A selfless act makes you aware of your unhealthy attitude of attachment and helps you get rid of it. Since attachment causes hurt, the act will make you free of its possibility and from the possibility of feelings any other negative emotion.

Don’t do good to someone else if you are unable to do it willingly and freely or if it makes you feel more hurt than independent or better. There should not be guilt attached to the opposite of the situation. If you are unable to help someone, it doesn’t make you less worthy.

No act is ever truly selfless and if it is, it mostly shatters your self-esteem. You are the most important. You shouldn’t cater to your egotism but you should always pay heed to your feelings, your intuition and your true desires regarding anything or anyone. If you feel vulnerable in your selflessness, stop being selfless and start working on your needs.

Be Selfish

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