All of me and my life, I can dedicate to Music. I think that is what passion is. It is my driving force, why I choose to keep living despite facing many dead ends. Though, I want the driving force of my life to be me and nothing and nobody else.


I believe I may even die singing and what a privilege will it be! I am crazy after Music like a mad lover. I am a bit low on energy nowadays though. I still try to manage to acquire more knowledge or do more vocal practice, basically be involved in Music all the time. Once I get engrossed in Music, it’s hard to take a break.

I try not to preach but practice more of what I am writing. Music makes me feel worthy of myself. When I study about it and practice it, I feel that I have transferred into a world where all my pains and stress has either been vanished already or I can feel the pain lifting off of me. It is as therapeutic as actual therapy. I am always ready to die but I can live for Music. This is why I don’t or can’t find sense in anything except Music because it makes me feel more like myself.

All Which Makes Sense

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