I can love something and desire it for myself from the core of my heart yet let it go. I need to be free from all big and small attachments because attachments generate emotions which hurt.


Nothing is, really, as important to cost my mental peace. Anything can occupy most of my mental peace —from a book to an incident. Even a person can occupy most of my concentration and demand most of my time and attention and can only cause worry in the end of the contemplation. I can let go of all these thoughts.

Even if I dedicate all of me to my passion of years and it culminates into nothing despite tiring attempts and rather discourages me and lowers my self-esteem, I can take a break from it until I regain the motivation to deal with its hassles again. There is no compulsion and even if I don’t return to it ever, my time dedicated to it till then was not wasted for sure because I learnt a lot and time spent learning is never wasted.

Releasing rather puts things into perspective. It gives space of retrospection. It lets you breathe at ease because you feel free. It lets you be away from expectations, and if not, from obsessing over the results of our efforts. It lets us mind relax when we don’t fret about things we can’t control. Honestly, some things are not meant to stay with us and the earlier we release them, the more relaxed we can be.


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