There is no need of acceptance of others towards a person’s sexual orientation. It is a very personal association and nobody has the right to judge how one associates with himself or herself and whether the other person deems it as correct or not. Sexual orientation is natural and we don’t provide explanations for what is natural, rather use it as a base to explain everything else.


One should not sympathise if we know a person who associates with a sexual orientation we do not consider to be “normal”. How do we know that they need to be sympathised with or that they need support? Why do we often seek “validation” of the “society” for the most obvious things? All these concepts are made by us and we will determine them. They cannot rule over us.

We can only know their truth, understand it and try not to create a havoc about it if they are not bothered about it or more so, if it completely natural. Just like we cannot have a say in why a person likes a certain color or associates with a certain culture or why is their favorite food their favorite, we don’t have a say in a person’s sexual orientation too. We should just, for once, let things be as they are without poking our heads into them.

No Need Of Acceptance

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