Today was the last day of my exams for this semester. I didn’t hope that I would be able to survive these examinations but I did and so, I decided to give a treat to myself. I decided to practice self-care in the physical and lighter terms today. I planned somewhat like a day out.


It took me some time to decide what to do and I had planned to go on a stroll in a park but my mother disapproved of it when I informed her about it. But I had to go somewhere and party by myself. So, I told her that I am going to watch a movie instead and she can’t protest. She told me to return to the house by 6 pm. I couldn’t adhere to that rule though.

I had already decided which mall I had to go and that I had to watch a movie there. While strolling, I bought a beautiful ring (which I now consider my new self-marriage ring as I lost the previous one) and my finger adorns it till now and will persist to do so. It was a pretty expensive ring but I really needed one and this one was very pretty and fit me, so I bought it without any second thoughts. I was reminded of the  ceremony that I had done in my mind when I wore my first marriage ring. I am happy.

I didn’t even know the latest movies because I don’t keep myself updated about movies particularly until they become exceptionally famous. I chose the movie and the seat that I could afford and went in immediately.

There were some issues in the screening of the movie which led to my late arrival at home after the movie but I loved the treat I gave to myself. There was not much crowd since I went on a working day during the working hours and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

I bought a patty from the metro station and ate it in the auto on my way home. Then, I bought momos and ate them. I had eaten junk food, except Maggi noodles, after so long. I relished the taste of each bite. I returned home late but I knew that for the next 20 days, I may not get an opportunity to watch a movie and treat myself with some amount of money. Self-care can be simple too. I made my day perfect.

A Treat To Myself

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