I love my nakedness—not just in body but in my being. I just say things as they are and cannot pretend even if I wish to. The immediate response to seeing my naked body and my physical features completely revealed to me is “Wow!”. Every time it seems, in its nakedness, like something divine.


I love the radiance, glow, complexion and structure of my body. I like the bulge and my collarbones seeking through. I can’t believe I used to hate this beauty since many years until last year, that too, because of others’ opinions and abusive behaviour.

I am sorry that I wronged my body as a response the weird response of other people who either hated themselves or were dependent on criticising others to feel good about themselves. I am sorry for this thought and behavior and I have left it behind. Self-love made me realize how wrong was I to not be in my power and let others affect me. 

Though, there is a lot of work to do even now because I still get influenced by other people and still face hardships in dealing with certain situations with certain people. I am thankful, though, that I met a good therapist who gives me more insight and space to reflect and who aids in my journey of self-love but I know that even now, there remains a long road to travel.


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