Give your all to nobody but yourself because you know that you cannot leave yourself completely even if you wish to. Don’t associate your identity—and definitely not your life—to one person, place or feeling. Don’t make a space capable of making you feel empty once it is vacant.


Nothing is permanent. You can have to part ways with anything or anyone at any moment. Don’t give them the authority to make you question the relevance of your identity or life once they leave. Giving your all to someone generates expectations and codependency. Codependency is unhealthy to you and the other person.

You can love and care completely while staying detached. You don’t have to feel lost when they leave your space. You can love with passion but let them go if you need to, even if you have dedicated almost your entire life that you had lived uptil the moment you needed to decide about letting it go. Detachment can make living life a lot easier. Take your power back.


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