I despise a set of ‘shoulds’ or ‘has tos’ forced on individuals by society. One ought to marry. One needs to have a job. One can’t really trace when such insignificant forces started to rule an individual’s identity and life. I am tired of hearing about such ‘shoulds’. It is very intrusive and irritating.


In everything, we create different categories and standards unnecessarily and expect the present and future human race to follow it without questioning them. We rarely question that why do we suppose ourselves to be in one certain way and not the other. Maybe, we are afraid of trying. That’s why very rarely people grow. Growth starts from taking risks. Even self-love seems to be a risk where people are narcissistic or full of negative thoughts and aura.

In reality, nothing changes if we don’t conform to these ‘shoulds’. As an effect, we are rather more self-accepting and happy. We are more ourselves. We need to stop letting this negative habit prevalent in society from seeping into our thought patterns. Only shoulds allowed shall be to make mistakes so as to be able to learn and grow from and to respect one’s and others’ feelings, thoughts and boundaries.

The Shoulds

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