Be prepared. The time you were waiting for has almost arrived. You can’t sit back now. Be ready to give all of your sleep to your passion. Be ready to work harder than hard hard work.


Don’t burn yourself out though. Rest and relax to rejuvenate. Watch yourself follow your passion. Feel the heat that your passion burns your heart with. Enjoy the process of achieving your goals.

Love your work. Love seeing yourself doing it. Imagine doing it for your entire life and never getting bored of it. Imagine the hustle, the feeling of giving up that will keep returning in a loop throughout and you choosing to continue it after you take a break.

Don’t work for the results and applause. Be open to receive healthy criticism and make your work grow from it. Study all you can about what you pursue. Never believe that you have all the information regarding it. Be an ardent disciple of your discipline and see it flourish through you.


It Has Arrived

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