My mother curses the rapists, 

blames the government for avoiding

the death punishment that 

should be given to such animals. 


She always does this—

blames the police—

but she never admits

her own deliberate

similar kind of ‘mistake’.


She asked me to not tell anybody

and to forget the whole incident 

of the two attempts

that I had to experience when

I was 5 and then 13.


She depicts she has changed 

and puts all the blame 

on the rapist and the government

but doesn’t accept her mistake,

that she wronged me by her ignorance.


My father, when he first was informed of this

blamed me why I didn’t tell him earlier 

but I know he would have done nothing

as it is not in his behavior 

to take action.

He can just please

by uttering administrative words.

All of them are hypocrites.

They are not my parents but society.


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