It is, indeed, tough to be a guru. You cannot just preach some sentences from a book and write some words on the blackboard with a chalk and mark the attendance of the students and attend meetings. A guru is beyond being a teacher.


A guru is who we sometimes call a true teacher. You may give up on your goals because they seem too far-reaching but your guru wouldn’t. Even a teacher doesn’t bother much but a guru makes you push your limits to defeat your present best and unravel new limits beyond your limitations.

It is tough to be a guru. One needs to know how to reach to which shishya at which point of time and to motivate her in what way that she gets inspired and not demotivated. A shishya can give up but not a guru. One has been an inspiration, a learner and a teacher at the same time. A guru is like a parent, in fact, more than that. The act of a guru is always purely selfless. Even the Indian culture identifies guru before God (if it exists) and rightly so.

A Tough Job

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