I read it.

I comprehend the words and sentences

but I am unable to retain

the information beyond a few seconds.


I have my exam tomorrow

so, I need to read it anyhow

but forcing myself to read the text

is only resulting in headache.


It always happens a day before

the exam when I revise the course.

I understand why it happens like this

because this course is a burden.


It is really difficult

to do what you don’t want to do

that too, for months and years—

to carry this burden forward.


I know, I have no remedy

to this except to read the summary

of the contents from the various sources.

College teaches rote memorization

in the name of knowledge.

It is just a waste of my time and energy.


The institution of college,

if its courses are not practical,

seems to me to be a vain and failure.

There is nothing to grow from here.




A Vain Institution

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