I married myself. This is a practice they have named sologamy. I received a ring as a gift on my 19th birthday and taking my vows in my mind, I placed the ring in the fourth finger of my left hand. It has been more than a year since I married myself.


It may seem to be a stupid idea to you but I was very serious when I did this. I vowed to take care of my wife’s needs and promised that I will try to be the best partner to live with in my whole life.

This whole process was extremely beautiful and surreal. I did search for the term ‘self-marriage’ on Internet to validate my action and to know whether this is something new that only I have explored.

I made easy and difficult but practical and necessary promises to myself. There was no superficiality in them. I promised that I will never leave or shame myself. I promised that I will buy everything that i desire and that I will push myself to achieve my best potential but only in a healthy manner. I promised me to vest my faith on myself for life, that I will be my best friend and help myself. I promised that I will try to keep myself happy. I think I am keeping my promises well. This is a happygamy.


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