I may not reach my goal

but I am moving. 

I may not be able to achieve it all

yet despite everything, I am trying.


I am not where I was before.

There is certainly some growth,

that is for sure, 

even if its pace is slow. 


I don’t prioritize my goals

to the extent that they have the ability

to push me beyond my goodwill.

I don’t want success

if it makes me feel 

any less worthy of myself.


Pushing myself may reveal

my hidden and highest potential 

but I can’t compromise my health—

physical or mental—

to reach to the peak.


I thought otherwise

most of my life

when I used to avoid

my need to re-energize.


As I am traveling in my journey, 

I am unraveling new mysteries.

I am meeting new people

who help me and teach me new lessons.

It is as if, life is a river 

and I am flowing along with its torrents.

I have reached till the present

surely through some movement. 



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