I have a cup full of love

and I know a girl full of beauty

who deserves this cup that she receives.

That girl is none other than me.


I love all the shades

of the various colors

that I am painted in

on various days of the year.


I accept who I am in the present

and work to resolve my issues

that need healing in various aspects.

Sometimes, nature comes to my rescue.


I recognize where I need to heal

and mostly, the reason of whatever I feel.

I check whether I am crossing the boundary

and if I am treating people wrong unnecessarily.


I try to look within,

so, I hibernate at times

and take out attention and time

to reflect upon incidents and my deeds.


I apologize when I am wrong.

Though I am unable to forgive

because it destabilizes my peace.

In no sense, then, do I even feel strong

because people don’t keep up to their apology

and I know, they will again hurt me

in the future for sure.


I just keep trying to improve

but in that process,

I don’t love myself any less.

I keep trying to impress myself.


I share compassion and empathy

because I love my own being.

I identify my weakness

and allow myself to seek

and receive help through therapy

to accept and work on my shortcomings.

I share the cup full of love with me.


A Cup Full Of Love

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