Are they all looking at me? 

Do I even look good? 

Am I doing things as I should?

Oh! This social space never lets me be free.


I used to be bothered too much 

when I was younger in age

but these thoughts only caged

my mind from matching its potential.


I didn’t sow their seeds though.

They crept inside my mind

because the judgemental people

who I met in my life 

repeated them so many times

that I started to think so

and indulged in self-doubt.


They still bother me at times

and make me anxious

when I have to perform on stage

in front of my audience. 


Their intensity and duration

has now reduced however.

Yet they haven’t left altogether.

They can re-surface in any unexpected situation.


My self-love and self-acceptance 

are my shields.

I do not feel

social anxiety 

in any situation anymore.


Even if people point out what I lack, 

I remain as confident and answer back

with sarcasm that hits them

like a soft hammer on their head.


Now, I am confident in my being

as I was when I was a child,

unaffected by the norms of society

and victorious over social anxiety.



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