Don’t let anybody or anything take you away from yourself. Be in a relationship with the person you love but always keep self-love as your priority. Love your career but don’t get so attached to it that in case you have to leave it, you feel a void and start questioning your existence. Apply it with any sort of attachment you have in life.


When you place someone or something other than you as a priority, it creates co-dependence. It takes much space in your life. If you observe from a distance, you really don’t need anybody and you can live without anything and anyone except yourself.

The most adventurous, beautiful and important relationship that you can live in your life is with yourself. When you feel completed within yourself and don’t seek other to love you, to make you feel validated and happy, when you are ready to give, when you keep refilling your cup by yourself and always have plenty to give to others but when you are also cautious about who to share the ingredients of your cup with and when and in how much quantity, it is healthy to love another person.

If you want a happy relationship, too, you first need to be self-aware and love and accept yourself. You need to rest your faith on yourself and make sure that you don’t hurt yourself. Only when you be your own partner, you know how should you expect your partner to treat you. When you respect yourself, you won’t tolerate even slightest disrespect from the other. You will live a healthy relationship. This a relationship where you lose nothing. It is either love or lessons, with plenty of opportunities and time to learn without co-dependency.

A No Loss Relationship

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