We always curse the bad memories and people but they are necessary too. I am not talking about the horrid incidents and crimes committed by the inhuman people. I am talking about the humanly people who commit mistakes which make them human.


We realise that we are in a good or better situation or person only if we have known about what is it to experience just the opposite of it. Also, they make us wiser. At times, they bring out our full potential which we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Similarly, good moments are necessary for us to experience bliss and happiness and the beautiful things about ourselves.

Sometimes, good has flaws which prevents it from getting better. In the process of removing the bad, at times, the good becomes better. Evil is the worst with no lessons to learn and grow from but bad is good for growth and learning. Though, we should never wish for it or cherish it but we can accept, nevertheless, that it is crucial.


Bad Is Crucial

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