There are days, 

such as today, 

when I only laze 

and rarely get out of bed.


Though, my focus

is on the tasks to be done

but I am feeling no strength

to accomplish any of them.

This feels much like depression.


I have been trying to study 

since I woke up in the morning

but I am having difficulty concentrating

on memorizing what I am reading.


Today, I am feeling no interest

in anything except sleeping

and tasks that I am accomplishing

while laying on my bed. 


I am feeling a dread

in a situation in which I am stuck.

I am feeling restless

to leave the people 

who suck my motivation 

and are only causes to my irritation, 

who, once I leave them,

I would never wish to meet again.


I am trying to 

and actually am

sleeping all the time

to relax and energise.


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