I am struggling with my habit

of self-sabotaging.

So, I am requesting you to worship

your body as a temple

as it is holy.


Love your body

because with the spirit and the soul,

all the three

work together with unity.


Accept all of yourself

and then bestow some compassion,

love and understanding

on your being.


It is not so easy to practice, 

especially in the beginning, 

because we are taught to do the opposite

but try to love your body nevertheless.


Your weight or your appearance, 

your mistakes and wrong decisions 

only make you human 

and need your acceptance.

You can always change

and start from a new beginning.


When you love yourself, 

you love all the aspects.

You love yourself within and without

with none or less self-doubt.


Obviously, there are obstacles

that need to be overcome

to live with self-acceptance

but if you have committed no crime,

you certainly don’t deserve

to practice self-sabotaging.



Stop Sabotaging

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