Is marriage really a wedding

if the hearts don’t yearn for each other?

Are the customs and rituals just formalities?

Is it only for bedding?


Does this bond, then, 

make any sense

or has any significance

if it is not done

with any intention

of the permanence 

of the relation?


To get married for the sake of it

or to seek it as an escape

from the judgement of the people—

what sense does it make?


If the girl doesn’t feel

that she is the wife of her husband

and vice versa. If they don’t understand

and match each other’s frequency,

does the marriage, then, mean something?


Aren’t husband and wives

supposed to be lovers

or friends or more than the labels

that they get assigned with after the wedding? 


As far as I am able to understand, 

marriage is a beautiful bond

which is very strong.

It is more like an adventure 

that the partners live together, 

far from exploitation and abuse

or manipulation of any sort

and should be only filled

with love and understanding.




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