I need you right now

though I can’t meet you right now.

You are no lover of mine

which makes it easier to talk to you

about what is going on in my mind.


Talking to you during therapy

gives me a sense of clarity

and an outlet to talk about my pain

without feeling any compulsion

or pressure, as put by society,

to just force myself to be happy.

I know I can talk about it

to you without any fear of judgement.


What makes this connection better

is that there are no emotions, whatsoever,

involved between the therapist and the client.

It is understanding yet professional.


There is no compulsion

or any kind of performance

to behave in a certain way

in this connection.

You will not be upset

on my portrayal of rage

rather will try to understand the reason

and identify the hidden pain.


We need to talk about

and sort a lot of things out.

That is why, I am looking forward

to meet you soon.

Though after every session I attend,

I think that this will be the end

but then, such events happen

that make me brood

or they inflict or resurface the immense pain

that rests inside my unconscious.




Professional Bond

4 thoughts on “Professional Bond

  1. This is nice to read, it’s EXACTLY how I see the therapeutic relationship which is part of why it is a safe place.
    I’m not sure whether the end part is about the client fearing termination or wanting to hasten it?

  2. The client wants to hasten the termination but then, new problems and emotions to deal with resurface in which she needs guidance and assistance which makes it a compulsion to meet her therapist to discuss and resolve the issue concerning her.

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