It has been long

since I came out 

of my house, as today,

at this hour of the day.


I saw a girl

on the metro station 

as I was heading towards the metro. 

I smiled and muttered, “Bless you, bro.”


I saw her juggling

through her bag to find her card.

I became reminiscent of the time

when I used to do the same in the past.


She reminded me of the younger self

that I was two years ago—

juggling to adjust somehow in college

and trying to understand the routes of the metro.


I think everything nowadays—

people, places and events—

are reminding me in some or other way

of some aspect(s) of my younger self.


I think I want to live her

but I won’t do that

because she has learnt her lessons of wisdom

to prepare me for what I am 

and what I will become ahead.

Mirrors All Around

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