I go to a place full of blessings.

There, we work on my healing.

It is no shrine but a desirable place to be in.

Here, I receive healing through therapy.


Most of the times, it takes me longer

than it should to locate it

but when has it been easy

to receive complete and proper healing?


My steps, once they start

to move in its direction, 

do not turn to return

until I attend my session. 


No matter how tough it may be

for me to discuss during the therapy,

it always leaves me 

in a state of utter peace.


I feel understood.

Maybe, that’s what I seek. 

Therapy has reignited my capacity

to stand up firmly on my feet

after my drastic breakdown.

I can now see things clearly.


The discussion

erodes away any confusion

and helps me in taking any decision

and in deducing a conclusion 

while churning out solutions 

to my problems.


Every time I go to therapy,

I feel a lot of weight shedding off of my body

of unnecessary opinions

and a lot of burden

that I carry—

some created by me, 

some imposed by orthodox thinking 

of the people of the society.

Therefore, therapy is necessary 

for me to be happy

and to maintain my sanity.







A Place Full Of Blessings

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