Toxic people don’t look toxic. They don’t always behave so too. At times, they are not even aware of their toxicity. Sometimes, they think they know everything. Sometimes, they think they are the best and always right.


You may have even lived the best moments of your life with them. So, how do we know they are toxic?When they keep doubting all of your decisions, they are toxic. When they don’t stop you from doing anything wrong, then too, they are toxic.

When they think that your life is more theirs than yours, they are toxic. When you feel more like a by-product and a property than an individual human being, those you make you feel so are toxic. Toxic people usually look the sweetest of all. Sometimes, they spread toxicity without knowing. Sometimes, they are themselves a victim and a product of toxicity.

They may feel like the best people but overall, if you observe, they are not good for your wellbeing. They may have pulled you back in a very subtle way when you should have been left to handle an opportunity to soar. They look caring but their impacts don’t feel the same.

What should we do with them? Sometimes, we can talk and make them realise of their toxicity and ask them to change it. After all, they too are just human beings. If they persist to be the same, we can just cut them off without a warning because if you tell them, then there is a risk that they will make you fall in a guilt trip for setting healthy boundaries. A healthy lifestyle and self-love is also practiced when we distance ourselves from all the toxicity in our lives.

Identifying Toxicity

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