She woke up from her sleep, coughing.

The mangalsutra seemed

to be a rope around her neck.

Maybe, she was choked by this marriage.


How beautiful the essence of marriage is

and how dreadful the reality.

If you notice closely,

it is just a confinement

in the name of affection

and burden

in the veil of duty.


The various jokes people make on marriage

are chuckled upon and forgotten

but also agreed to as being real.

Here, duties are bestowed 

and quietly agreed upon

as a part of tradition, 

without any opinion 

or any kind of suffrage.


The man and woman

or simply, both the parties,

who make a couple, 

if left alone 

by unnecessary opinions 

of relatives and society,

can live together happily 

but unfortunately, 

this intrusion

has been accepted as normality

which makes it impossible

to change this reality.




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