I am feeling beautiful today, 

which I know I am anyway

but I am feeling this after many days

that I am full of beauty, confidence and grace.


I am unlike any model.

I am just like myself

and that is what is special

about my existence and survival.


My journey is my own, 

whatever may it be filled with.

I am proud of who I have grown

to become as a human being.


I am filled with compassion 

but not void of practicality.

I am able to create balance

between any sort of duality.


I am feeling confident 

in whatever I am wearing—

be it clothes or be it my skin.

I feel a balance in my serotonin.


I am not mindful in the moment 

nor am I experiencing any other expression.

I feel like I am walking in an unreal world.

I am trying to record it in exact words.


I am feeling relieved by the help I am receiving

by some people who are present

in almost everyday of my life

that I am currently living. 


I can only feel myself walking 

in this unreal or surreal reality

because my feet is hurting

as I am moving.


More than anything, 

I am feeling

beautiful and confident 

in my own being.

Beautiful Feeling

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