Just for today, I am trying to think positive. It is very unrealistic but if it is just for some hours, I can be positive. I have tried to be positive throughout my day and persist to do so, at least until the day ends.


I will be able to achieve what I want. I will earn a life I love. I will get control over my life. I will attract the people who vibrate on a higher frequency. I will be good in mental, physical, spiritual health. I will be useful to people but not at the cost of my personal space, mental peace and personal boundaries.

I will figure out exactly what I want and will work hard enough to achieve it within the time to enjoy its fruits and rest later. I will travel wherever I want to. I will learn all kinds of languages and sing songs of all styles and genres in all languages and dialects. I will be my best friend and go-to.

I will achieve peace in my life but also, I will be able to express all my creative abilities in the best possible manner. I will be able to maintain the life of peace even after I earn money and fame with my earnest hard work. 

I am attracting my best through my beliefs. I am naturally tended to think negative but for now, I am trying to think positive. I will receive all the best of everything that exists in the universe and whatever I desire. I will get what I want. I will get a healthy mind, soul and body by respecting and celebrating my authenticity and needs. I will work for it and I believe that I will get it. I will be positive because positivity attracts abundance.

Positivity Attracts Abundance

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