Creativity has its own methods.
It always exists
but is not capable of being expressed
or doesn’t always get an outlet.


Sometimes, it is raw
as an idea or maybe, just a thought.
Other times, it gushes out
in various ways and languages
like the torrents/ stream of an ocean.

It doesn’t let the mind rest.
It composes out of compositions.
It creates from an existing creation
but thinks it through like never before.

Certainly, it has its own methods.
It releases the pressure
by letting out
the chaos of the mind.

It may see beauty
and may form from destruction too.
The mind derives various interpretations
of the events and actions
that it has recorded through observation.

Creativity needs a little logic
to defy it and comply to its own rules.
It holds magic.
Everything revolves around it
in an orbit.
Creativity creates many worlds,
within the world you live in, for you.


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