Dear me,


I am sorry I ignored you most of the times. I still do in the pursuit of achieving some target but I will try to cut off this toxic habit. I am trying to cut off this toxic thought glorified in the society that one should keep everything before themselves. Please have patience with me till I adapt to it.

I am sorry I let you bother yourself by the unrealistic expectations of your toxic family members and add to the sabotage rather than supporting you. I will try to be there for you at all times because I know that only you, and certainly not the ones I am born with, want my best. I will try not to add to the unnecessary guilt that they pose on me.

I am sorry that at times, I don’t trust your intuition and don’t serve your needs. Know that you are my priority. I will try not to push you beyond your capacity at the moment. I will try to prevent any situation of breakdown from happening.

I am sorry that I doubt each time before scheduling an appointment with our therapist whether you are really bothered with mental health issues. I am sorry that I make you feel guilty because you don’t seem to have a problem worse than others who express their problems.

I am sorry that I don’t show as much compassion and care to you as you deserve but hey! let’s do one thing. Let’s take care of each other because then, there will be some balance and maybe, when there will be no hustle, we can be at peace and happy. Let’s try to make each other escape from our situation of asphyxiation.

This letter, I know, should have been written long ago when I was a teenager but I think there’s still some time. Would you give another chance to me, please? I know you don’t give up so easily like me. Would you be the friend of the mature me as you have become a friend of my therapist? Take your time and answer. Just know, the only purpose of me writing this letter to you is that I want to tell you that I am sorry.


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