Don’t go back.
You have left that phase behind
and moved ahead in life.
Don’t revisit and revise
the chapter that is already closed.


Look in the present
and hope
for what the future holds.
Don’t recall the memories
which drain more
than they energise.

Reminiscing is alright
but staying in the past is not.
Let the facts of the matter—
who, where, when, how and what—
rest where they belong.

Past is past for a reason.
Think of those chapters as a season
that visited and left
as a part of your journey
like the months of a year.

You can change your present.
Don’t spend all of these moments
in revisiting what has left.
Maybe, some random moments can be spent
on these moments
because they, too, hold importance
but remember to come back
and live in the present.
Shift your vision
and see what all that is important
is happening in the present.


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