Everyone, whether they show it or not, is dealing with their inner and outer battles daily. It might seem that some overworking people are lazy because you can’t literally see them working but you are nobody to validate someone else for their hard work nor do you need to validate your hard work to somebody else. If you can’t understand that they are working hard, don’t try to make people do things as you seem to be correct. Just let them be and mind your own business.


Because if you are indulging in such a habit—even though in the name of care—it is plain intrusion. You have no right to try to control anyone’s life and if not, to try to demean them with your opinions. To you, their habits are unnecessary. Similarly, to them, your opinions may be.

It is very easy to point out one’s and other’s mistakes. It is very hard to see the positive in each situation, even if minimal. Negativity lies in plain sight. Positivity veils itself as minor and seemingly insignificant achievements.

For the people who are dealing with mental and physical issues, doing the ‘basic daily chores’ is an achievement. Starting them is a minor achievement and finishing them, that too within the time limit, is success. Even if they are just sleeping due to fatigue, it is not that they are unconcerned and running away from their duties. It is just that they understand that self-love and self-care is the top most priority because if they are not alright, how would they take care of others?

So, stop demeaning and belittling people because of your difference of opinions with them. You can hold your opinions and values and also express them but don’t trip people into guilt and shame to indirectly force them to give in to do what you think is the best to be done. Instead, if you can, make them love and accept themselves.

Mind Your Own Business

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