Oh! How beautiful were you, my younger self.

I never realised your beauty when I was you.

I tried to change you instead

by getting influenced

by the people jealous of you.


You managed to remain so pure

but I cursed your innocence

and your tolerance

to all the nonsense

though, you were just behaving mature

through practicing your ignorance

towards all of them.

Though, I can say for sure

that this world

full of selfish and cunning people

does not deserve your humble presence.


You made me beautiful

as you were then.

You justified the meaning of my name

in the true sense.


I miss you 

and wish that I could keep you

with me forever

so we shall never

depart from each other.


Stay alive in me, though,

as my spark,

to hold my hand in the dark

and let me know

about my threats.

Never ever truly go.

You are my lark.


Young Beauty

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