Where are you, my inner child? 

Let me hear your voice.

Speak out your mind.

Give me your advice.


What do you think

you would have done

in the situations

my adult self is confronted with?


Give me some lessons

on simplicity and honesty.

Let me answer your questions

and pacify your curiosity. 


I think you know the best,

only that your opinions

are put at rest

in stressful situations.


But tell me now, 

I am all ears.

Tell me how

I should ward away your fears.


You are the only wise.

I will surely follow your advice.

Tell me your thoughts and opinions.

Let us have a conversation.


If you are hesitating 

for being too direct, 

then connect

to me through my therapist.

I know, both of you know what is the best

for my current and future situations.


Let me come back. 

Allow me to play with you.

All adults tell me what I lack

and don’t see that I am complete, as you do.


Let us accept 

and be friends with each other

before we step together

into another

phase of our life.

A Letter To My Inner Child

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