My blood is red, not black, white or gold. My blood is the blood of humanity. I am not concerned with the nationality, race, caste, religion, sex or class of the other or of myself to bond with them. They can be my friend if they practice humanity, if they are human enough.


Suppose, you meet with an accident in a city where you live alone. Some person who spots you takes you to the hospital and gives you blood because you need it. Can you tell by his blood what ethnicity, race, religion does that person belong to? Will you first ask these details and then allow their blood to save your life? You will just be concerned about that human blood to be transfused into your body as speedily as possible so that your life can be saved.

Unfortunately, in the various forms of various institutions, I have to write Hindu because they mention a column of religion in those forms. If given a choice, I would choose all the questions of this category with one answer—humanity. I don’t preach it but I try my best to practice it. I even try to understand the people who are too attached to their illusionary identities like gender, race, place of birth but to me, they seem to be incomprehensible.

The social workers, teachers and police officers don’t first check your blood group and then decide whether to help you or not. They do their duty. Similarly, if you associate yourself as a human, practicing humanity becomes your duty. Don’t teach young generation about the societal constructs that I mentioned above. Don’t teach them to demean all others of the category in the name of being faithful to theirs. This category can be language, race, caste or any other category. The only category all of us fall in is humanity. The blood of humanity runs in our veins.

Blood Of Humanity

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