Target, if we divide it in four parts, will be T, A, R and GET. T stands for the time that is given to achieve the aim. T is also the task to be done. A is to align yourself with the goal. R is to rationally strategise the method to achieve the goal. When you follow all these steps, you get what you were working for.


Don’t make unachievable targets though. Even if you want to push yourself beyond your limits, exceed the range of limits slowly. Trying to achieve all the goals in a day only and always leads to a person’s breakdown. 

Make one big target. Then, divide it into smaller ones. Then, take one small target at one day. If one day seems to be a very short amount of time, then increase the amount of time for the task to be done to two to three days. If the task requires more time, then make the target to finish it by the end of the week. 

I, personally, am not a person who can follow routines, except in the case of writing and publishing blogs. That too, I have been able to achieve my targets uptil now but it doesn’t guarantee the same for the future.

Another necessary thing is to take breaks in between physically and especially, mentally and to not feel guilty about it. Also, targets are only fruitful if they are making you happy and letting you strive for the best of your abilities. If the targets are draining your energy, remember targets can always be changed. Even if you are not achieving your targets, you are still worthy. Targets can hone your skills and abilities but they cannot, in any way, define you.


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