I am moving around.

Everything around me

seems to be

too still and static. 


I meet an aunty

who tells me

as we converse

that she had returned

from her hometown in Gwalior. 


We talk about the polluted air in Delhi,

whose quality has worsened after this Diwali

due to the ignorance of people

towards the environment and pollution

which has deteriorated the current situation.


I bid goobye to her after some time

and continue to walk towards the right.

I hardly spot any birds in the sky

or hear their voice, 

which is unusual at this point of time.

It is 5:55.


Pollution has become an enemy

in the past few years

which reduces the joy of Diwali

for many people

and deteriorates the beauty

of the nature.

We, together, 

have to fight against this enemy

and curb its power

with our nature-friendly strategies.

No Air To Breathe

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