You call me too sensitive.

I call myself an empath.

You can see me as a derivative

that wants to keep the Earth intact.


My methods might appear to you to be stupid

but these small steps will lead into rapid

improvement in our and Earth’s health.

Efforts are small but the impacts will be big. 

It is my duty

to take care of the Earth

as I am an Earthly being. 


I am not trying to show off

when I use stairs instead of lift

or when I turn off the switch 

of the appliances 

that are not being used at that moment.


This Earth is a gift

and gifts are treasured.

This gift gifts us with

so many precious gifts

that their quantities cannot be measured.


Being vigilant all the time

will be tiring for the mind.

So, we can adopt some habits

and try to follow them 

for as long and whenever we can.

We will save our Earth easily if we unite.

Earthly Being

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