Stay for some time.

Sit beside me.

Don’t say anything.

Just feel the breeze.


Feel the serenity

and the chaos that I hold within me.

If you can,

try to understand

what is all that makes me.


Feel what is right now

because I can’t promise

you about anything

that is to be done tomorrow.


Feel within,

feel without.

Try to let our

union (mental and soular)

come about.


Keep your opinions

that you have made about me

in your own head.

Try to flow, instead,

like the waves of the oceans

with the stream of thoughts

that come in my mind,

as I am flowing currently.


Let us be in our own separate worlds,

parallel to each other.

Let us sail together on the oceans,

observing each other’s worlds from a distance, 

with utter peace

and conversations withheld

throughout those moments.


Withheld Conversations

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