Where do I go?
Where is my home?
Where can I be myself?
Where will I be free to
not hide things that don’t need to be hidden?


Where can I laugh
with no one to intrude in that moment,
no one to bother
or enquire
the reason
behind my laughter?

Why do I feel asphyxiated?
Why do I have to hide my feelings?
Why do I have to behave
a certain way
even if I don’t want to?
Where can I be truly happy
without the burden of being thankful
to everyone
for letting me be myself?

Where is that place
where there are no ‘should’s’
placed by the family
and society
on me,
which are to be considered
before my decisions
and my freedom,
where I don’t need permission
to completely feel my emotions
and speak out my thoughts
without any judgement?

Where will I be free
from the unnecessary stares
that I get for who I choose to be?
Where would no one belittle my career?
Where can I be me?

Nowhere To Go

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