Letting go of any person, habit, place or situation is always tough but it is crucial. Sometimes, they are just not meant to be in your life, at least at that point of time. This is true that if something has to be a part if your whole life, no matter how many times and how far you go from them, you will reunite when the right time comes again. This cycle will happen repeatedly and you will love it because you are meant to be associated with them.


Letting go, at times, keeps the things in proper perspective. When something is being an unnecessary load in your life at a certain point of time, removing it keeps the flow going. Your life may be taken as a puzzle. Some pieces of the puzzle are kept at the end but they are crucial and never thrown away until they complete the puzzle. No matter how many times you remove them from a certain place of the puzzle because they don’t fit, in the end they will make the puzzle whole. While you keep them away, you understand which piece is kept properly and which isn’t and you are able to rearrange it correctly. Without them, the puzzle will not be completed. So, you need to let go of those pieces of your life that you don’t understand where to keep until their role in the puzzle arrives.

So, ends, as we assume them to be, are not always sad. Sometimes, the end of something is the best that can happen with it at that time. Ends, until it is death, always come with a new beginning. Letting go of the old opens a fresh, new chapter of the book of your life. At times, letting go also gives us time for retrospection. We understand the situation and its truth. We come out of the illusion that the emotions grab us in. We become wiser. We grow. So, letting go is crucial for our growth.

The Importance Of Letting Go

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