There is a lot of noise

in and around me.

I wander places

in the search of tranquility.


I am trying to silence

the sounds and their echos

which feel like subtle violence.

Among all the happiness

is also hidden pathos.


I like the glimmer of lights

but not the noise.

It feels like a veil

worn by people

to cover their static,

shallow and unhappy souls

by appearing

cheerful and glimmering

on their faces

in the pursuit

of the excuse

of a festival.


They are living momentary happiness

because they know

they are shying away from the sustenance

of the limited but natural resources

that they need to do

for their future generations.



since they know they are not paying their duty

they are trying to find tranquility

by avoiding their sense of responsibility

that they are bestowed with as an individual

that it is their duty to save the Earth.

They are inviting and trying 

to avoid the arrival

of their catastrophe.



Quest Of Tranquility

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