I appeal to all the parents.

Parenting is extremely tough.

Do not further give birth to children

if you cannot rear them,

if they have to bear


or will have to live with this fear.


I have seen children 

who are given too much love

and no control over their lives

by the caretakers who keep their hands above

the child to protect her from any problems

but then the child never becomes

self-dependent and sometimes, also turns

out to become rude, “spoilt” amd inconsiderate, 

which their parents later

repent and hate.


I have seen children 

which are unable to find themselves 

in the burden

of the care, love and duty

that their parents have given

and how they have taken

care of all their necessities,

tackling all their difficulties

that were created due to such needs.

Then, they blame the child very subtly

for their miserable condition—

financial or emotional—

in the past or in the present. 

They burden the child with unnecessary guilt

and hates the child’s independence

from their authority.


I know about parents who hit

their child whenever they feel fit

because they feel that it is their right

and something that their child should

happily and readily accept,

passing on the cycle of dysfunctionality

that has been passing on

through generations in their family.


But I have also seen parents

who are best friends

to their children 

not with some selfish motive

but because they know that it is right

to be friends with their child

before being parents, 

who maintain the secrets

and trust of their child 

and do not burden 

or try to mould their child

in the norms of society,

knowing that society 

has no right to affect their parenting.

But if you are not ready

to be such parents,

please don’t give birth

to another life

just because you have to

under familial and societal pressure.

Don’t let them enter

a world they would love to leave.



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