The Diwali lights flicker at various intervals in front of me. The bulbs are of various colors. They flicker rapidly, all strung together by the electric wire that gives them the power to glow. They are just like the incidents of life.

Our life also colors itself in various shades. Generally, we see each color one at a time but sometimes, they all flash together. Each color has its own mood, its own significance.

Sometimes, the lights are stagnant. Other times, they flash in groups of bulbs of two colors at a time. Then, the pattern breaks and the lights of all colors start to flicker as they desire. Sometimes, they all darken together. Sometimes, we know what we are feeling. Other times, we are in a dilemma. Sometimes, we are flooded with a mixture of emotions, so rapid that it becomes hard to focus on one of them at a time. Sometimes, everything looks extremely calm, slow, dull and uninteresting.

But this uniqueness is what makes these lights stay on the balconies and walls even days before and after Diwali. The various colors of life and its various aspects makes life interesting though it seems good only when it maintains some balance in all its aspects (which it hardly does).


Lights Of Life

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