He had grown up yet he couldn’t decipher that his liking towards his mother and jealousy with his father as a child was unreasonable and unnatural when extended till the age of 18.


His mother came in and asked the same set of questions—if he had some girl in his mind who she could talk about regarding his marriage with her, if he didn’t like girls at all, he views on marriage— but he could answer none properly. He couldn’t understand how to tell his mother that it was none of the reasons above but her presence in his life that prevented him from seeing any other girl as his girlfriend, fiancé or wife.

His father was all that his mother wanted and liked. She loved him and that made her son insecure. They were happy together. He fumed. He needed to resolve this problem. He called up his sister. 

His sister was a decade older than him but was yet unmarried. She came to visit her brother. The mother and father went to the door holding hands and recieved the visitor. The visitor, of couse their beloved daughter, fumed as she saw the view. She couldn’t tolerate watching her father stare lovingly into her mother’s eyes. ‘Ridiculous’, she snorted.

She walked in and said, “Oh, father, did I tell you about my last week’s achievement?” 

His father grimaced and responded, “Well, no, my dear. You look really happy. It must have beem something huge! What is it, if you would not mind me asking?”

She cheered up as she saw that all of her father’s attention was focused towards her. She looked at her mother and felt as if she had won a battle over her. “Well, I won the swimming competition, as always.” She boasted to grab his regard, praise and love, which she didn’t understood to be fatherly.

“Did you? All of us know how talented you are? Tell me more about it.” Her father was rather excited. 

“I am a bit tired. Why not talk about it while resting at the same time? Maybe, mother can fetch some water or juice for me.” She wanted all of her father’s attention towards her. 

“Oh, yes, of course.” The son entered in the hall and said, “I would like to help mother in the household chores.” 

He and his sister exchanged smiles as he went to the kitchen with his mother. 

The neighbors sometimes pointed towards the oddity of such liking of the children towards their parents to the parents but the mother always replied, “You know children have favorites.”

They just didn’t understand the concept of Oedipus Complex and Electra Complex. They just saw the love of their children and thought themselves to be lucky that their children still loved their parents and wanted to take care of them as they grew older. They saw no harm in responding with some love to their caring gesture. They didn’t understand that theor children didn’t love them as parents but partners. For them, it was a happy family and the neighbors were jealous of them, trying to break the family by talking nonsense.

Complex Ties

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